Sunday, September 21, 2008

ABC Kids Show Timi & Leslie

It was so much fun looking thru the new collection for Timi & Leslie. What an absolutely gorgeous line. They have certainly out done themselves! Beautiful colors and retro style bags will make any mom a fashion diva. I am so please to announce that Luv My Bag will be carrying the full line from Timi & Leslie. We should have the collections in buy middle of November. The bags will be on site in just a couple of weeks so that savvy buyers will be able to preorder.

A big THANK YOU to CJ, my rep from Timi & Leslie. His personal knowledge of all the bags was a real plus. I was able to sit down with him and go over each and every bag, inside and out. The attentional to detail and quality in the production of each of the lines definitely showed. I was also thrill to hear that they will also be introducing a dad's line of bags and pack packs as well as a children's line of bags. I will definitely keep you posted as the releases are announced. Another exciting release from Timi & Leslie!
Marla Christiansen

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ABC Kids Show

The ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas was amazing! This was the first vendor show that my daughter Heather (Banana Peels Diapers), her husband Ben and I had ever attended.

I am so glad that I had our list of vendors and the booth map with us or we could have been there for a lot longer than we had scheduled. So many designers and vendors presenting their products that it took a full day just to go thru the first floor. The second floor was just as full of vendor booths as the first floor

It was so nice meeting vendors that I have been working with and get to see their new fall releases. To touch, feel and "try on' bags was so much fun. It gave me the opportunity to be very selective on what lines and fall released I added to Luv My Bag.

My first booth was to see Reese Li. I have always been a fan of hers. Great colors and prints. She has a great eye for the combination of prints and colors. Her bags are a great blend of fashion and function. Just what every mom expects.

I have added more of Reese's bags to the site as well as adding diaper clutches. I have placed my order for the new fall bags. They will be released in January.

My Royal Heinie was another of my scheduled stops. Karen has come out with even more styles of her diaper/wipe tote. It is so nice to find a small diaper envelope that will hold several cloth diapers.

Danielle Elizabeth is another line that is carried on Luv My Bag. The pictures of her bags does not do them justice. The rhinestone trim on the flap really add a touch of glam to her bags.
Next issue will feature Timi & Leslie and the fabulous new line that will be released in October.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Fall Lines are in

We have been busy opening up deliveries of the new fall line of diaper bags for Baby Kaed, BabyMel London and Reese Li.
These designers have out done themselves again. I used to have favorites, but it is increasingly difficult these days. With beautiful colors and prints, fabrics and bag varieties it will take a buyer a while to decide.

A mom -to -be called me last week and stated that her aunt and Grandmother had purchased a bag from Luv My Bag as a shower gift for her. It just wasn't what she liked. It took a while and several phone calls for her to decide on the bag that was just perfect for her. She fell in love with the Jessica Messenger Backpack Blue Latte by The Bumble Collection. Plenty of room, great fabric with a wonder feel and water resistant finish. I am so glad she didn't settle.
We moms put a lot of miles on our diaper bags and we need to be happy with the one we have chosen.

I am so pleased that Luv My Bag now carries the full line of BabyLegs. What a great addition to any diaper bag. Easy to slip on to arms or legs when the temp goes a bit chilly. Wonderful colors, prints and lengths to choose from. And to make the choices even more difficult, Baby Legs is launching their fall line in 4 releases beginning in mid August. We will be getting all the new BabyLegs as they are released. We have been given a sneak peak and they are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get them in my hot little hands and up on the site.

The order for the Dante Beatrix Big Kids Eco back packs has been placed and has been shipped. These sturdy backpacks are constructed with nylon made entirely from recycled plastic drinking bottles and trimmed with naturally biodegradable canvas. They will be a nice addition to the Luv My Bag family. You will find them under Dante Beatrix under Luv My Bag Kids and under 'shop by brand'. They will be in by mid August.
It is the first addition to the site that is an eco friendly bag.

We will be attending the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in September. We will be searching for naew designers and new bags to add to Luv My Bag We will be shopping for our 3 sister sites as well . Shopping for all of the sites will be quite a thrill as well as a challenge. I am looking forward to meeting designers that I have developed a working relationship with and putting a face with the voice.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun.

WOW, there has been plenty going on with Luv My Bag and Blooming-baby-boutique. I have been receiving inventory of organic clothing, toys, and soaps for the Green Baby Expo June 21st in Chico, Ca. This my first expo where I will be a vendor, as well as for my daughter Heather (Banana Peels Diapers). I am excited as well as terrified. They are expecting 6-8 thousand attendees. A totally green expo. All of the new organic line at Blooming Baby will be going. It will be fun and education for the whole family, as well as a great shopping experience. Stop in to introduce yourself. We would love to meet you. Wish us luck.

I would love to hear how each of you is conserving and going green. There are so many simple things that we all can do. Some of you are new to this, others have been green before the phrase was coined.

Blooming Baby Boutique is now carrying BabyLegs . I am thrilled to have both the original line as well as the organic line of leg warmers. They are so versatile and aren't just for babies. One size fits most. Babys to adults love them. Great for the gym workout, or after sports to keep the legs warm. How many ways can you think of to wear BabyLegs?

Keep a pair in the diaper bag. They are realy handy to slip on the kid's arms and legs when the weather is hot and you slip into that air conditioned mall for some shopping. They are great worn on your arms under a short sleeve t shirt for that layered look. Remember how chilly those movie theatres can be....wouldn't it be great to have a pair in your bag?
The uses and combinations with your family's wardrobe are as endless as your creativity!
How will you wear you sweet BabyLegs?

Luv My Bag has just received our latest shipment from BabyCakes. Check out the new wristlets.
Debbie's attention to detail is something to be appreciated in each of her creations. I have received wonderful feedback on her bags. The Little girl's bags and the Mom and Me bag sets have been a real hit.

Well, school is out and summer has started. I wish you all a safe and fun summer.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Welcome to Luv My Bag's blogg.

Thank heavens for my daughter Heather of Banana Peels Diapers . She is my computer guru and set everything up for this blog as well as teaching me tons about site management. I am one of those computer challenged individuals and I rely on her quite a bit. My youngest daughter Ashley loaned me her laptop which made me mobile. With this, I have been dragged kicking and screaming in to the 21st century of computer communication. Wow! I'm lovin it.

Two weeks ago my friend JJ of Cry Babyz (also computer challenged) and I were
talking about blogs. I told her that I would pass on information from my daughter as I learned what to do. That was the plan.... By the end of the day she emails me with an invitation to view her blog! I am so proud of her.

I am thrilled to be able to share with you new additions to Luv My Bag as well as my second site Blooming Baby Boutique. I will have some of my vendors highlighted time to time and will announce sales befored they are listed on the sites.

To all you northern California families: Blooming Baby Boutique and Banana Peels Diapers will be at the Green Baby Expo in Chico, CA June 21, 2008. We will be offering our line of organic baby clothinig, blankets, organic bath soaps and balms as well as those wonderful cloth diapers in a rainbow of colors and styles from Banana Peels Diapers. Come see us and introduce yourselves. There are loads of things for the family to do and see. It should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there.